The Mission Blue Voyage

In 2010, The Mission Blue Voyage brought together over 100 influential scientists, activists, philanthropists, and celebrities seeking smart collaborations and solutions in restoring the health of the oceans.

Funds raised and key initiatives launched as a result of the voyage include:

  • The launch of Oceans 5, a global funders’ collaborative, with $10 million from Planet Heritage and Oak Foundation to kickstart the initiative. Today, Oceans 5 has 10 funding partners.
  • $1.1m to complete a package to protect the waters around the Galapagos Islands.
  • $1.1m to launch a plan to protect the 1m-square-mile Sargasso Sea and commitments to raise a further $2.5m to see the plan through to success.
  • $350k to boost ocean exposure in schools.
  • $3.25m to commence a campaign to end fishing subsidies.
  • Shooting of the Mission Blue documentary film commenced.