Electrification Coalition

  • In 2009, Planet Heritage Foundation seeded the development and launch of the Electrification Coalition (EC) with Oak Foundation.
  • The Electrification Coalition (EC) which created a clear Electrification Roadmap, as well as bipartisan alliance of industry leaders committed to scaling electric and autonomous vehicles nationwide.
  • Transportation – cars, trucks and buses – is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. The increased use of electric and other alternative vehicles with low- or zero emissions has the potential to help disrupt the current climate trajectory – one of the most urgent challenges the world is facing.
  • EC’s roadmap provides a blueprint for launching ‘deployment communities’, which it put into practice by partnering with the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado, and Colorado State University in “Drive Electric Northern Colorado” (DENC), a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle deployment community initiative. It also created the Fleet Electrification Roadmap aimed at spurring electric drive technology in commercial and government vehicle fleets.
  • From the lessons learned in Colorado, Paul Allen’s Vulcan and the U.S. Department of Transportation went on to launch the $50 million dollar Smart City Challenge “to enable the most innovative, ambitious and forward-thinking city in America to show the nation and the world a practical path to replacing carbon-based fuel consumption.”
  • Columbus, Ohio won the Smart Challenge in June 2016 – beating out six other finalists – and lining up 90 million additional dollars in local commitments, spearheaded by support from a circle of CEO’s, all committed to upgrading Columbus’ transportation network and status as a world class city.